Friday, December 26, 2008


The story of The Hat. Part 1: Tree.

Our office Christmas party had a theme this year.
Come wearing hats or wigs!
Best headgear wins a prize.
it said on the poster. Last year I went to the 'masks' theme party with a phantom of the opera mask, cape and snazzy hat. I won third prize to a homemade combination of paper elastic and glitter. I wouldn't be defeated again.

After much consideration, I decided a Christmas hat was the way forward to ensure the maximum likelihood of success. A Christmas tree hat. An impressive hat. Despite not having consumed any alcohol that particular evening, a few weeks before the party a plan formulated in my head. I was going to turn up wearing a fully-decorated Christmas tree on my head. Simple.

Firstly, some shopping was in order. I'd need a Christmas tree and decorations. I headed to Poundland, where I found the following:A decorated Christmas tree. Sorted. For a fiver. Things were looking up.

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