Saturday, March 01, 2008


Heading North

An overdue holiday to Edinburgh - and the fun starts on the train.
Somewhere north of London, an older lady sat down next to me and started reading her magazine. Being an inquisitive type, I glanced across, and found that the reading material du jour was Chat magazine.

I have never encountered Chat before, but after that I'm considering a subscription

On a side note, if you're passing through York, it appears to be some kind of Mecca for trainspotters. I could probably have been a trainspotter if my dad had shared his interest in trains with me. My mind is of the type that gets hung up on little details, and I believe it is only thanks to my dad's reluctance to share his railway magazines that I'm not spending my Saturdays at the end of a platform with a video camera and notebook. I do wonder though what happens to all these videos....

Stupid question

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