Thursday, March 06, 2008


On getting acquainted with the local sense of humour

Following a daytrip round the highlands, I decided the ideal way to round off my day when I got back to Edinburgh would be a relaxing pint of Guinness in a pub. Well, that and I was desperate for a wee.
I stepped into The Scotsman's Lounge just off the Royal Mile. The patrons were crowded round the bar, and all seemed to a) know each other and b) hail from Scotland. With a rucksack, a large camera bag and a very English accent, I looked every part the tourist. I ordered my drink and headed to the loo while it settled.
Feeling much more relaxed, I picked up my drink and found a barrel to sit at. One of the other customers peeled away from the bar and went to the jukebox. I noticed the men round the bar had started glancing in my direction, with a slight grin passing across their faces.
And then it happened. Greatest Bagpipe Hits filled the air. Not my favourite music by quite some way. Why was I being subjected to this?
I fired off a text to a Scottish friend explaining my situation
Can't tell if they're taking the piss or like it.
The reply came back in minutes:
Scottish:taking the piss,
Tourist:like it
The bastards had spent a quid on 101 pipe classics. It went on forever.

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