Saturday, March 29, 2008


An apt title

For reasons which I, as a man, am unable to understand, a number of young girls fixate on all things four-legged and in possession of fetlocks, usually just as they board the hormonal rollercoaster to adolescence. This is so prolific that there's quite an industry around their unhealthy obsession.Horse And Pony Magazine provides juvenile equestrian addicts with a monthly fix, and at £2.30 is substantially cheaper than either horse or a pony. WHSmith have it as one of their featured magazines this week, and have put it in its own holder hanging off the front of the other magazine racks. I couldn't help but notice it in this prominent position.

Their cheerful pink logo has been carefully designed to appeal to their target market: girls who still think boys are yukky.

Unfortunately the April 2008 cover overlays a fine chestnut equine over part of the logo, obliterating the Y and making the top of the N look like an O.

Given the fact that many adolescent girls choose to spend their weekends mucking out stables, I think the new title is pretty accurate.

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