Monday, February 04, 2008


Worrying developments

I use a little thing called sitemeter to find out whether anyone's actualy viewing my blog (Believe it or not, they do, I've got charts and everything) But I digress
One of the things sitemeter tells me is site referrals. Whenever you click a link, your computer sends information about the page you were on to the page you are going to. It's a handy little feature of the internet if a little disconcerting, and many businesses on the net are based completely on functioning referral links.

One of the things referrals tell me is what people are searching for. Recently there's been a new and worrying search term which has led people here. It seems to be the product of a humorous European mispronunciation which means that surfers looking for a certain thing instead find themselves at this post here This is very different from what they were looking for. What a difference one letter can make.

I however find it a little difficult to explain exactly what these people were searching for. It's an item of foreign cinema with a niche interest, although it's not exactly arthouse.
The protagonists are a number of young women who number more than one but less than three. This number of not-very-old women are in posession of a single drinking vessel, and this is the focus of their attentions throughout the short cinematic oeuvre.
Such is the simplicity of the composition, containing as it does only a pair of female persons and a lone hand-held tankard, that these elements have been used to title this miniature celluloid opus, and this title has subsequently gained a certain notoriety because the actions depicted in the video are somewhat alarming to those faint of heart or weak of stomach.If you know what I'm talking about, hopefully you've had a snigger by now at the expense of the users of and If you have no idea, I beg you not to investigate any further if you truly value your retinas.

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