Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Still here!

It's all been a bit quiet here recently. Probably because out in the 'real world' that we hear so much about, it's been anything but. Busy busy busy, both work & play. But mostly work. A series of incredibly fiddly tasks have conspired against me to occur at the same time, and coincide with the absence of several colleagues. That said, I've written a new specification for a helper, so I get to play at being a manager again with a volunteer. Volunteers in charity offices are a lot like temps, except that you get to work with them for longer, they're more motivated and rather a lot cheaper [I say this as someone who has been one, so don't tell me off]

We've an event on Thursday night which I am not looking forward to in the slightest as my job is to tick people off on a list. Going on past experience, a certain number of these people will hold the belief that because they have purchased a ticket for £90, they can look down on us mere support staff and generally behave as if we were vastly inferior to them. Not all of them, but a few will see me there in my new regulation black trousers, white shirt and bow tie (purchased this evening at the princely sum of £63), and immediatelt consider me to be a bit dim & unskilled. The feeling is mutual.
Onto happier thoughts, beoko365+1 has reached day 50, and so it looks like I may be able to rattle off an image a day as I did in 2007. People keep saying "I thought you'd finished that?", and well, I did... but then I started again. It's still a challenge though.

I'm off to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, and paying an arm and a leg for the privilege, so hopefully there's a blogpost in there.

Until next time, Ciao!

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