Monday, November 05, 2007


What's in the Box?

I love online shopping, I do.
Stuff you can't get anywhere else, and stuff which you can't find cheaper anywhere else. Stuff when you simply can't be bothered to walk to the shops. Make your selection, fill in the boxes, click the confirm button and sooner or later a jiffy bag or box will arrive at a destination of your choosing. So far this year I have purchased online
I told you, I do like online shopping. A lot.

Earlier this year I made an online purchase which wouldn't fit through my letterbox. But what was in the purple box?

Let's open the flaps
A lot of packing material, it must be under here. Obviously it's very fragile.
Not under this layer...
Maybe if I shift it to one side, is there something there?
Definitely something hiding in that corner...
Yes! A tube map!
The complete package

A credit card size map in a box the size of a small dog (it actually bore the legend "chihuahua" on one side)
Let's have a comparison, thanks to Sizeasy

Nope, that's definitely ridiculous. I have no idea why they chose to pack it this way. A solid metal tube map, less than a millimetre thick, in a box big enough for a child's shoes. Why oh why? These people would have a fit. Someone at iwantoneofthose in dispatch needs their head examining. On the plus side, the tube map is damn cool. Everyone without exception oohs and aahs over it. But be warned you'll probably need to make a trip to the sorting office before you can get your hands on it.

Anyone else got an example of ridiculous packaging they'd like to share?

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