Saturday, October 27, 2007


Click, click, click, click-BOOM!

My job's definitely getting weirder.
As if washing coins of small denomination wasn't enough, my employment today involved scrutinising pictures of autographed photos of movie stars to help determine whether the cheque with the big florid signature was indeed that of who we thought it was. (It was.)
Then this afternoon I was taking the details of a very nice man who wanted me to send some information:
"And my email address is derek dot..."
"...excuse me, can you stop there? My pen's just exploded and I need to change it. Won't be two seconds"
The promotional pen I had grabbed from my desk to scribble with had decided to end it all and leave this cruel world in a spectacular fashion. The lid was somewhere over my right shoulder, the spring was in front of me, and I only found the refill when I stood up and found it had landed in my lap. Surprising for me, but distinctly unnerving to the caller.This is the offending writing instrument, the 'Alpine' pen which is apparently a "very popular choice" according to all the merchandise suppliers I've been speaking to recently. I'm telling you now, it looks tacky, and falls apart spontaneously and explosively.

A post featuring a sexy nurse outfit, a fight and a handbag hiding a surprise will follow shortly...

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