Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's been a while...

...since I last posted. People have noticed. There are a number of reasons for this, one of these being a quite catastrophic computer failure, that took me two weeks to recover from before I had a booting system, and another week after that before I could get the hard drive with all my data on to reveal its secrets.
Without getting too geeky, the drive was telling the rest of the computer that it was 33GB big, although I knew it was 160GB, with 130GB of my 'stuff' on it, mostly scanned photos, which take around 10 minutes to scan. Each. That's around 145 hours of scanning, not to mention two years of digital pictures of university nights out, and an entire ripped CD collection.
I found software that could see the files, but even after I bought a licence from the Canadians who made it and spent several days sending trans-atlantic emails to try to solve the Mystery of the Megabytes*, the software couldn't restore them because well, you can't fit 130GB of stuff into a 33GB space, can you? Fair point.
*This will not be being made into an Indiana Jones movie any time soon. Trust me.
My salvation came in the shape a small, free program called HDD Capacity Restore, which did exactly what it was supposed to do. After swapping a few cables inside my PC, it took just a couple of clicks, and I was back among the data 'haves' instead of the data 'have-nots'
People! I implore you! Start a backup regime, and stick to it You will save yourself countless hours, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth. For information, data recovery costs upwards of £275 on a 160GB drive, and the bigger the drive, the more expensive it gets. External hard drives cost a lot less - worth considering. Start at Lifehacker for tips.

Right, geekery over, I will soon resume blogging more often. It's good to let a blog go 'fallow' I think and then come back to it refreshed and enthused. I've got a few blog posts I've been wanting to put up, and will do over the next week or so. Unfortunately, annoying people and public transport do feature, to the extent that a new category label of 'rants' will need to be specially created.

In the meantime, I recommend that you
Get your backup procedure sorted out
Replace your installed software RSS aggregator with Google Reader [Sharpreader's OK, but just too resource-intensive and unstable]
Get a personalised homepage with iGoogle
Go look at some lolcats But not if you're at work. You'll find one that causes you to burst out laughing, and it'll be very difficult to explain to your manager.
Stare in wonderment at Blogger Play and see what's being uploaded to Blogger [not guaranteed 100% worksafe, just 99.9%]
Revisit beoko365 - I'm on the last 100 days, 73% complete
I cannot say this enough times - get everything you hold most dear on your computer backed up. Otherwise it will disappear without warning, and I can assure you that is nofunwhatsoever.

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