Wednesday, July 18, 2007



No word of a lie, I have been forwarded the following paragraph of an email by a colleague, sent by our CEO:

She then said – don’t wait if we are ready. And they are indeed interested in what it will take to bottle the learning and codify the product (for replication and scaleability) for XXXX. She asked what outcomes I would be looking for in three years time and I said (a) sustainability achieved by (i) having consolidated some delivery hubs and (ii) demonstrated outcomes more clearly so that YOTs and Youth teams will commission more resiliently and (b) codifiying the product for use by others as a franchise with quality assurance and training provided by XXXX and thereby (c) increasing the capacity/resilience and delivery footprint of smaller community based organizations

I haven't the foggiest what she's talking about.

XXXX's inserted for a veneer of anonymity

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