Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Law Is An Ass

As you may be aware, England will shortly be following Scotland, Wales and Ireland (among others) in banning smoking in enclosed public spaces.
There is a helpful little diagram the government have provided to explain what this means:
So any public space with three or more walls must be smoke-free. It must also display signs telling people that this is the case, and they must be of a specified size

Got that?

So this is why we have the following situation:A phonebox [a substantially enclosed public space, and indeed a workplace] must display a no smoking sign. This must be at least A5 in size. The only space BT can find to put a sign of this size in its 63,000 phoneboxes is at knee-level. So there you have it. Total compliance with the law, and a sign which most people won't even notice once they're in the phonebox. I actually thought this was a joke or a Banksy prank when I first saw it, and then realised every other phonebox I passed had been kitted out in the same way. The same rules apply to bus shelters...

NB: I have never smoked, except passively. I don't intend to start. I'm afraid I'm not going to defend smokers' 'rights' to damage those around them. I'm really looking forward to going to a smoke-free pub.
But I do think the new laws are a little odd and excessively prescriptive.

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Why did they not just make it simple and ban smoking?!
Good informative post. I can always count on you to deliver the facts.
Mimi, that's why they call me Mr Facts. In my head at least.
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