Tuesday, May 08, 2007


World class athletes

There have been complaints. Apparently I haven't been updating this enough. Stop the complaints! Behold! Blogging! With words! Pictures! Video!

Spent most of this weekend in an ambulance. So nothing unusual there. Saturday was a very civilized athletics tournament, seemingly made up entirely of private schools, each casualty giving their GP's address thus: "Oh, at the college" "Which college?" "Eton". We were booked to arrive an hour and a half before it kicked off, and then because the competitors were all at posh schools, they were all fully-prepared for their events, so we had very little in the way of injuries. An excellent opportunity to re-stock the vehicle.

We had one enquiry at the back of the ambulance:
"What's the worst athletics injury you've had?" My colleague didn't hear the first part of the question...
"The worst injury?"
"Death's the worst injury"
"In athletics!?"
"I dealt with a broken leg at this venue once," I helpfully chimed in
"What, on the hurdles?"
"No, he was rolling down that hill over there..."

Monday I was back in the ambulance with this beautiful view in front of me:
Runners in the rain, viewed from a stationary ambulance cab, where I was stuck as radio control operator for the 10k. Not my idea of fun, and with a possibly faulty radio/no radio traffic to speak of, very dull. It can't be seen on that shot, but as well as SJA2, I'm tuned into Radio1 to beat the boredom. This marvellous array of buttons, was, sadly off-limits

Sunday however, was not in an ambulance. Huzzah! Instead I met some friends to sit in parks, drink beer and generally catch up. I took the kite along and as per usual scared myself and then decided that it simply wasn't safe with people wandering around aimlessly, and stepping gingerly over the lines whilst carrying their newborn offspring. I started laying out the lines to pack up. A cherub-faced 5-year-old with golden ringlets, who'd caused me to pack up by sitting under the flight path and looking upwards in wonderment approached.

"I like this kite"
"Thank you"
"What do you do with this?" [indicating the ground stake]
"Stick it in the ground" She started trying to stab the turf.
"How do you do that?"
"By being as heavy as me"
"What are you doing now?"
"Packing this away"
"Why are you doing that?"
"Because there's lots of people around, and if I hit you with the kite, your mummy and daddy would be rather angry with me."

Kite-based shenanigans over, and time for a game of frisbee. We're actually rather good at frisbee, honest, but it was windy. Yes, windy. That's the only possible explanation for this performance:


We're hoping to get up to Olympic standard in time for London 2012

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