Sunday, May 27, 2007


Twelve Go Slowly Insane In Devon

[Title apologies to The Comic Strip]
In need of a holiday and with a load of carried-over annual leave burning a hole in my back pocket, I made my way last week down to Devon to spend a week relaxing by doing hard physical labour.
For the princely sum of £75, the National Trust will give you a bed [but no bedding] and food for a week, to fuel you while you do various heavy maintenance tasks with 11 other people.
Now the scenery is quite spectacular - compare this to the view outside your office window, and you can see why I was a little bit jealous of the warden working in these woods every day:
The real interest for me though was the variety of people. This is no 18-30 break, though the numbers of beers consumed by some members of the group mean you might get confused. Actually it was a 23-75 holiday, with a 50/50 gender split, and a mix of people including a retiree, a freelance journalist, an energy consultant, a beater for the hunt and writer of shooting articles, a nurse, a white van man, a warden for a sheltered housing development plus assorted office workers including myself.

During the week,
All in all rather a good week, I think I'll do it again, in fact I liked it so much I'm going to plug the holidays, and recommend you book yourself on one: National Trust Working Holidays

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Great! Glad you enjoyed your 'holiday'
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