Sunday, April 01, 2007


Tickety Success!

Reasons to be cheerful:
  1. I have secured 4 Glastonbury tickets to sell to the highest bidder, take myself & 3 friends to possibly the most over-hyped music festival in the world. Only took getting up before 9 on a Sunday and an hour & ten minutes to get to the buying page of the website. This had better be good
  2. I spent 5 hours outside Tesco doing a collection for St John, and I reckon I collected a fair amount. It's sealed so I don't know how much is in it, but the tin's too heavy for my digital kitchen scales to cope with, and a sizeable portion of the weight is £1 and £2 coins, so that could be an awful lot of plasters and bandages for the division. Or maybe a tiny bit of a potential new HQ
  3. Another brief encounter of the cafe kind with a lady off the internet, which added further weight to the argument that for better or worse, no-one looks like their online photos. Ever. So far the tendency has been to buck the cliche of looking far less attractive in reality than in a carefully selected photo.
  4. Finally, at work, we're about to re-structure, but in a good way - expanding the department, which might mean a new role for me [possibly with less dull bits, and more moolah. Possibly.]

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