Monday, April 02, 2007



Whilst standing outside Tesco for five hours with my collecting tin, I saw every size, shape, colour and age of person you can imagine, and some you probably can't. We're talking bikers, triplets, newborn babies, pregnant mums, the old & infirm, rich, penniless, emo kids, skaters, the police riot squad [buying sandwiches, not quelling riots], Paris Hilton wannabes, the perilously thin, the morbidly obese... Everyone. I do love people-watching.
Out of the couple of thousand who walked past me, one woman's words to her son stuck out.
You may have been five yesterday, but you're certainly not making it to six, the way you're carrying on

Something I forgot to include in the last post, yet meriting of its own post rather than being an addendum...

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That poor little child!
Nah, I think he could look after himself pretty well. He was a pretty robust-looking 5-year-old. And surely you know better than most that kids need to be kept under control...
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