Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Out of shape

There's no denying it, I've put on weight. At least a stone. I put this down to several factors
  1. I stopped running, and instead spent my weekends indoors online [though I now have very muscular 'keyboard fingers']
  2. I started drinking milkshakes with my lunch as a side to cheese sandwiches
  3. I've developed a bit of a cappuccino-and-muffin/pastry habit on my way home from work
This increase in weight means that I now weigh a bit over... 9 stone. Which is actually a bit of an improvement as it shifts me from 'borderline underweight' to 'fairly normal albeit slim' I still have a ridiculously thin waist which makes trouser-buying an ongoing chore and will be a relief to the beltmakers out there.

However having gained this weight I wonder whether I should take care in not taking it further. So, with the sun shining beautifully, I decided to go for a run on the bank holiday Monday. It turns out one loses fitness very quickly, and I could barely sustain a 3-minute jog. With my jaffacake shoes, I really should be able to do better than that, so with the weather more appealing than it has been for quite a few months, I think I should resume running.jaffacake shoes - with smashing orangey bits

Actually, the whole weekend reminded me how much I've fallen off the fitness wagon. After a Friday spent indoors because the weather wasn't quite as nice as I might like, I went out Saturday morning for my first PTA job. An elderly gentleman of limited mobility being moved from his accommodation to a relative's home for Easter. He wasn't a small chap. My crewmates [both of whom were at least as heavy as the patient, and possibly moreso] told me that he'd lost weight since the last move at Christmas. Well, he was still heavy, and we spent a lot of time huffing and puffing as we dragged the carry chair up a very steep and narrow set of stairs a step at a time. Despite all the safe lifting training, my back still ached, just from the exertion of lifting a large weight.

With our client safely in his chair (I'm not going back for the return trip thankfully), and after a quick change of attire, I headed into London to meet a friend. The following day I realised just walking over Hampstead Heath [it's rather hilly but no mountain] and a little gentle kiting had given me pain in my legs as if I'd attempted Snowdon in a hurry. Twice.

So I think I should get back into the running. However I was told that as a calorie-burning exercise it will result in weight loss. So I need a 'resistance exercise' like weightlifting to build muscle. When's 'Jade's celebrity kite workout' video coming out? Because I'm definitely not paying for a gym membership like some people. Goes against my principles - I will not pay to suffer!
Anyone got any better ideas than building massive biceps with the kite?

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The gym suits some people and not others, besides i get a discount because i work for a school. Oh and i don't get dog pooh on my trainers when out running in grassy areas.
As the song lyric goes; "Cut down on your pork-life mate and get some exercise..."
The gym does have the attraction of being warm & dry...
Guess it boils down to me being too tight for a gym membership. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with the office biscuit barrel.
Also i forgot to add that i get to use the sauna and swimming pool whenever i please and do MASSES of cool na na na na!
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