Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Extreme Measures

Rubbish. Collection of rubbish. It's a hot political topic apparently. People are up in arms about rubbish hanging around for two weeks as councils try to be eco-friendly. There's a national campaign being mounted by one tabloid, such is the strength of feeling.

All very dull, until you get to this line in the BBC story:
"I've also heard horror stories about what happens. One man had to use a blow torch to get the maggots off his driveway.
Had to use a blowtorch? Really? Or did he just fancy taking out his pyromaniac urges on his pest problem?

Top marks for ingenuity though.

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Britain is a rubbish place to live. (BOom, boom - Basil Brush stylee)

No, seriously Britain should be more eco-friendly like some of our sexy European neighbours who recycle everything, including used nappies which are one of the most difficult things to recycle.
People should stop moaning and get on with it. I think the councils are right.

END of rant.
I now have visions of sexy Europeans as described by Dylan Moran, stripped from the waist down, wandering around being sexy... and now thanks to Mimi, holding a used nappy aloft.
"Ah weel reecycle zees nappeh for zee good of zee envahronement"
Weird image.

My main point was the ridiculousness of using a blowtorch to combat maggots, but I agree that alternate week collections are silly - the bins stink after 7 days in summer.
Recycle everything, I do - I have no paper, glass, plastic bottles, batteries or tins & cans going into landfill, and all food waste and plate-scrapings go into the compost.
But please take my smelly rubbish away weekly!
York has had once a fortnight rubbish collections for ages now, with recycling the other week. I know of no tales of horrifically rotting rubbish etc here. Is it really any different to holiday periods when you go 2 weeks anyway. Maybe it's different own south.
Well i read in the newspaper today that most of what we think is being recycled by our lovely councils actually isn't.
For example, you probably already know this but Tetra packaging cannot be recycled anywhere in the UK, it has to be sent back to the Tetra plant in Somerset, and it takes a lot more energy than your average plastic to recycle.
Loads of plastics cannot be recycled by many local councils.

Like you, our house recycles everything but now i have concerns...where is the plastic going? is it really being recycle or landfilled?

Asda are setting up a huge biffa bin outside two of their shops in Yorkshire and asking customers to drop in all the wasted packaging found on food they have bought, they want to prove a point to the suppliers apparently. Good idea. More shops should take note...
Blimey. This has all got very serious.
Can we not just laugh at the guy toasting maggots on his driveway? Obviously blowtorches have a big carbon footprint and he should have composted the flambe maggots, but that goes without saying.
Sorry but recycling is close to my heart and a serious topic to me! Don't give a flying fuck about the maggotts and blowtorch...sorry!
maggots i mean
You're ignoring my email, or never got it. so I'll resort to comment bombing you with a story you may (not) find funny.

Personally I think we can cope quite fine with one pickup every two weeks. The end.

Only joking! The story goes as follows:
I had a friend once, he had a dad - most humans do. Together they owned:
1 lawn
Some ants
Assorted welding supplies.

The ants were deemed to be a bad thing, especially since they lived under the lawn and had a tendency to do that flying swarming thing and climb in his ears or something... it was bad anyway.

His solution to the problem was to prod an oxy-aceteline welding torch (unlit) down one of the more spacious entries to the warren, and leave it running for a not inconsiderable time.

At this point, my friend and I retired to the safety of the garage door to watch procedings. Daddy removed the torch from the ground, sparked it into firey life, and returned it to the primed lawn.

There was a dull thump and a light dusting of dry earth was propelled into the air a small distance above the lawn.

A week later all the grass died. They do not have ants anymore.

Europe is cold, and your accent impression sounds more South African to me. So there.
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