Sunday, March 11, 2007


The right nostril is usually larger

Ater over 10 hours of travelling (ferries & trains may be green but they're rather slow) I made it home from my trip to Dublin.
As is the style in modern business I shall now summarise my sojourn[love that word] in bullet point form and with the use of irrelevant statistics:
Dublin's quite a nice place, a compact city which allowed me to walk everywhere. But I didn't find it that different to Britain which is a bit of a disappointment, and probably a grave insult to all Dubliners and the Irish in general. Saturday night in Dublin looks the same as Saturday night in Watford, just with a higher consumption of Guinness than Stella. It's probably the same louts, one of Great Britain's principal exports. There's a homogeneity of shops too, with M&S, Tesco and Debenhams all doing a roaring trade, and only the lack of a Starbucks monopoly and the statues of Irish writers & musicians littering the pavements providing a clue that this isn't an English high street. But in the defence of the Irish, until 1922 they were part of the UK, which explains why some areas of the city look a lot like Georgian Bath.
Now if you'll excuse me I need to study the ambulance service basic training manual. So far I have gleaned that in the event of needing to insert a tube up someone's nose you should usually use the right nostril as this is larger.

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