Friday, March 02, 2007



Tomorrow I'm off on holiday, so today I've been packing. I hate packing. I always do it at the very last minute and I always forget something crucial. Always. Even those few occasions when I didn't pack in a rush, something wasn't in my bag that should have been.
However, I've got an early start tomorrow (another thing I detest), a train & ferry to catch, and so I can't pull my usual stunt of not packing anything until the morning of departure.
This will, unbelievably at the age of 23, be my first holiday sans famille (School trips and staying with friends doesn't count) To be perfectly honest, I'm quite scared.

But never mind that. Today manufacturers' instructions taught me the following:
Calpol... "may occasionally cause headaches"

Jaffa Cakes... "are recommended by sports nutritionists"

The Comic Relief Nose... "is not washable. In the unlikely event of discomfort, please remove foam nose. Wash skin with warm soapy water and do not re-use nose.

So, the medicine you give children to relieve a headache may cause one, we should be pinning our medal hopes for the 2012 Olympics on little chocolate biscuits cakes and if your nose hurts, remove it and do not attempt use your nose again.

Have fun on your holiday! Where are you off to? I guess France, Ireland or Spain because of the ferry...
Good detective work!
I went to Dublin... bloggings will follow shortly...
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