Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have never...

You all know the game. Someone says "I Have Never..." and then an activity, and then assuming you're all of drinking age, all those who have are to take a sip form their drinks, thus revealing that they have done the [usually quite rude] activity in question.
Today I did two very different things that I have never done before.

  1. I got myself an ISA. Dull, expensive, will make a big dent on my bank account, but it does make me feel terribly sensible and grown up. Saving tax-efficiently and all that. How very mature of me. I am now a Proper Adult, making Financial Plans for The Future
  2. I walked into a record store, went up to the counter, pointed upwards, and uttered the words to the assistant: "What's this?" Fortunately he didn't respond with "A ceiling. It keeps the floor above from falling into the shop", and instead directed me to the CD that was playing. I then bought said CD. How impulsive, reckless and generally irresponsible of me. Surely I should have carefully examined it to assess the other tracks, maybe listened to it, and then considered making a purchase only after making a careful budgeting assessment with my new-found responsible attitude to personal finance.

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I have never bought an Isa but have invested in Premium Bonds! and i have never been into a record shop and asked what was playing, when i really liked whatever it was.

And today i have never felt so bloody depressed. Oh well.
*Was* it the beta band then?

I've got £4 in my ISA, responsible.... until you take all the money OUT for some reason.
It was actually Hospital Mix 5 Quite a lot of drum and bass for £4 I think.
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