Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Certified, possibly insane

I passed! By some miracle I passed both the written paper and the practical assessment for my PTA course and I'm now allowed to sew those sexy little namestrips on my uniform. Word to the wise though, if you're doing your PTA/ETA assessment and they ask for a student to volunteer for the role of 'casualty' go for it, as it'll gve you a good feel for the style of scenario [obviously yours will be different], and you can pick up on the mistakes everyone makes [and then try to avoid them yourself].
You may want to reconsider volunteering though if your assessment takes place in inclement weather...
Three times I was strapped to a stretcher trolley.
Three times I was rolled outside and into the back of the vehicle.
Three times I found myself strapped down and facing upwards into the rain, with no umbrella.
The back of the vehicle had been opened so many times [and the engine wasn't running, so no heating] that it was really rather chilly in there. And not everyone was 'thorough' in their blanketing of the 'casualty' Brrr!
Now I've got that under my rather wide black-and-white-striped belt, I'm expected to go and use those skills on a moderately regular basis to keep up the qualification, so that's even more weekends spent in silly uniforms. Joy.

So the date went fairly well, but I don't think anything more, even a friendship is likely to come of it, which is a pity - text message contact's basically tailed off. Still, I might be meeting someone else this weekend, so that's a thumbs up for advertising yourself as single and desperate online. Well I've already met more women than I ever did hanging about in bars...

I've had a marvellous couple of days off work, buning off excess annual leave with a 4-day weekend, and having another 3-day week this week. My brother's back up from university, so there's fun japes, and crude humour to be had there. Today we went into London, and saw a video in a cafe promoting the latest 'coffee product' from Lavazza. They call it 'Tandem' and it's a weird bisected glass cup with espresso in one side and mousse in the other ['Spumina' - which sounds a little too close to 'sputum' for my liking]
It gets worse:
Now is it just me, or does that squirt of mousse look a little, well, faecal in appearance? Just me then? Oh well. Put you off trying it though, didn't it?

I think I owe you all an apology. So here's a small yellow snowman-shaped one. This is Keepon, a little robot built to study human interactions. But we like him because he's a funk funky dancer. If this does not bring an enormous grin to your face, then you have no soul:

[thanks to inquus for pointing this my way. See more here, and more details of the project here and his inner workings here]

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