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So, I finally gave in. After pussyfooting round the periphery, mocking people's screennames giving photographic technique advice and seeing some truly horrific sights I have taken the plunge and started actively engaging in online dating. Well, public transport wasn't doing it for me. On telling people, the reactions were... mixed
Oddly the peals of laughter and mass ridicule have not been forthcoming. So lets have a few stats:
['Favourites' = 'people I like the look of', 'Fans' = 'people who like the look of me']

So it's not going too badly, I've engaged in conversation with 1 or 2 women, one in particular who seems very nice, and I haven't lied on my profile... much. OK, so I did list my height as 5'8"-5'10", but the category below was 5'4"-5'7" - and most people seem to exclude men of 5'4" from their preferences.

It's a weird world though.
Some people have gone for humour in order to attract attention to themselves, some more successfully than others - sample quote "I hate chinchillas and lettuce." Sadly she didn't reply to my message. Others are very specific in what they're looking for. Occasionally you get a tale of woe, or a series of stipulations on what their perfect match will definitely not be like - you get the impression there's a messy breakup story there. Steer clear.

The photos however remain the biggest source of entertainment. Myspace-style webcam moments, professionally taken portraits, cropped-out exes and groups shots in which the profile owner is a small drunken face abound. What goes through their heads I simply don't know.

What's really weird is the process of contacting people. Firstly, to send messages there is a subscription fee, which feels kind of odd. Probably easiest if it's compared to buying drinks in a bar for someone, but still, feels odd to be paying for something which normally would be 'free' Then there's the oddity of contacting lots of different people. To maximise the value of your subscription, there's a tendency to contact lots of people, which in the 'real' world would be something I'd never do, concentrating on one person at a time. But in the context of online dating it's positively encouraged, as a search for tips reveals [Not the site I'm using incidentally, so don't go looking for me there]

I think Scaryduck, as per usual has the last word

Anyone else got tales to relate? No subscription required to comment...


Sadly many of your observations are true. But it gets worse, wait until you actually start dating the nutters and you soon begin to see that photos lie.

I went on a date with someone i got on really well with online, only to meet him in person and discover his face was full of white, puss filled spots which looked like would explode at any moment.
That's 3 hours of my life i will never get back.
Always check the profile pictures - The camera never lies. But Photoshop is a compulsive fibber.
I trust no-one
Very sensible.
Aside from my Blogger profile pic, all my profile images are a true likeness, for better or worse. (In the case of the HotOrNot shot, probably for the worse)

Guess finding out the difference between the photo and the reality is something I'll just have to look forward to...
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