Tuesday, February 13, 2007



A wise man once said: "Quit while you're ahead"
To which I'd like to add: "When you're being dragged up a muddy hillside face-first, take time to reconsider your options"

As mentioned before I loves me kite. Some say too much for a load of nylon, but what do they know. It fills me with joy, gives me an adrenalin rush, makes me scream, gives me bruises and leaves me aching for days after an al fresco session. (Admittedly there are some things it doesn't do for me, but I'm addressing its inadequacies by looking elsewhere)

Went up to Dunstable Downs last Sunday, good wind, good weather, lots of people. Discovered my lines were twisted. "No problem," I thought, "Just fly the twists out." Oh how wrong I was.

For those not in the know, a 4-line kite has, surprise surprise four lines.
Simple. However. If the lines are severely twisted they behave as one line. No left. No right. No power/control. Just pull. What I was holding onto was a 2.4 square-metre sail. I realised this at the point where I had been pulled onto my front and was being pulled up a hillside screaming "Sit On It! SIT ON IIIIT!!"
Came very close to mortally wounding my sister, and risked killing a dog and/or small child. Didn't, obviously, but there were a few concerned looks. No offers of help though - charming.

Happy days. Only took four hours to get the tangles out.

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Sounds dangerous
It was rather dangerous. I had to change my trousers* afterwards. The imminent danger was why I packed up and reverted to a 2-line 5ft delta. Much safer.

*My trousers were muddy, that's all.
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