Sunday, January 28, 2007



Finally! Recognition! This blog, or if you're reading the feed, the blog at is now banned on my company network as being unsuitable for workplace consumption. I feel like I've arrived. Actually, it's probably just anything on - visits for last week totalled, um, 5.
Meanwhile, Garlik, a service the BBC reported on a while back for finding out how vulenrable you were to ID theft, claims to have found me on the net, with "relationships with 1710 people." and "connected to 232 companies or organisations" Oh how widespread knowledge of me must be!
But none of them are actually me. After much effort, Garlik has found two pages of my photo gallery, a site which has been up for 6 months, and hasn't found me on facebook, MySpace, this blog or anywhere else where I have a public profile with my name on. Not very impressive - and at some point they'll be charging for this. So as a review - 3 stars - the credit check's handy.

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