Sunday, December 31, 2006


Season's Greetings

Nearly a whole month away. Sadly I haven't been actually been away; just spending a month leaving work late and working my a$$ off. The season of cheer and all that. However, I am now off my probationary period at work, so feel a bit more loyalty and commitment to the organisation [not that I didn't before, but when someone can in theory dismiss you with not a great deal of notice...]
I have been uploading many, many photos to the gallery organised distribution of over 500 christmas presents to kids across London, got through the staff Christmas party without any notable [mis]adventures, had a very pleasant Christmas at home, though being fairly housebound due to inclement weather, and spent the last few days battling to keep my PC running.

Two things I'd like to share.
Firstly, another evening spent with minors at the local discotheque One semi-comatose vomiter, but unusually he was male, in fact I didn't see a single drunk girl for the whole evening, but as if to make up for it, the little boys attending seemed to have decided that Wednesday night's alright for fighting:
"What's this? Cut lip? I'll clean that up" *wipe* wipe* "Now I'd just like to find the source of the bleeding, so I'll lift up your upper lip... Yes, you've bitten... Oh. Oh dear. You need to go to hospital. Yes, right after you've given your statement to the police."
The poor lad had had one of his front teeth ripped from its socket, and it was now hanging at a jaunty angle around a centimetre back from where you might expect it to be. The only reason he wasn't screaming, we reckoned, was complete severance of the nerve. Yuk.
And he wasn't the only one who got a smack in the face from someone's little darling.

One of the club security staff did a remarkably convincing impression of a violent pint-size customer:
imagine a 5-foot-nothing teenager and a 6'1 club bouncer built like a prop forward

"What you gonna do? You can't do nuffin" *swipe*
"Sit down! And stop trying to hit members of staff"
"Let me go!" *swipe* "You can't do anything to me!"
"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! Or we'll have you arrested by the police!"
"Police can't do nuffink, I'm under 18, see, 15, they can't touch me"
"We'll call your mum"
"No! Not that!"
[smirking]"Who's the hard man now?"

Elsewhere, I gratefully received the Snow Patrol album "Eyes Open" for Christmas.Now don't get me wrong, I like Snow Patrol, their music is good, songs catchy, and at the time of writing they haven't had a widely publicised drugs problem to the best of my knowledge. However based on listening to several albums, I feel they're just a little unlucky in love. Song after song about the breakdown/end/aftermath of a relationship. Even when singin about how wonderful someone is, it's always in the past tense. What woman in her right mind would want to be Gary Lightbody's girlfriend?

New project in development... launch is imminent... Stay tuned

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