Wednesday, November 29, 2006



I get a lot of dross on my voicemail. Quite often old people don't like talking to a machine, so I get the following:

"You have ... two... new messages. First message"
"Hurrrrr. Sigh"
"Next message"
"End of messages"

They usually call back.

Then there's the people flummoxed by technology:

"You have ... one ... new message. First message"
"Oh. Um."
[voice in background] "Well, what do they say?"

"Um, I, Er"
[background voice] "Well are you going to leave a message?"
"I, er, um" *click*
"End of messages"

Then there's the two minutes of background noise, which have to be sat through just in case there's a message on the end. Even better, a minute of heavy brething, again usually an old person who is waiting for someone to pick up the phone. Or the foreign voice who whilst they're doing their very best, is completely incomprehensible on voicemail, and has about a 50/50 chance of you being able to call them back based on the number they leave.

Anyone with a published phone number will be used to all this. The reason I'm posting is because I've had somethgin out of the ordinary today. Recorded American voices tellign me I've won a prize, yes, but an entire Radiohead track? The instrumental section?
Not sure which track it was, but I'll have another listen tomorrow

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