Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Sticking with it

Last night I tried [unsuccessfully] to step down from my role organising training for my St. John division. The organisation is old venerable, and at times has the turning circle of an oil tanker, which is highly irritating when you're trying to do new things or are a new person doing something slightly differently. In the event, I was talked down and wasn't allowed to jump, and to be honest I'm kind of glad.
For all its faults, the organisation does do some excellent work, and there are the occasional moments which cause amusement. The last under-18's night I went to included a form with the following information:

Disposal: Other [Police van]
Handling/Immobilisation: Other [Handcuffs]

They really did produce the forms for every eventuality.

Coming up I have an amateur comedy revue to cover, which is most notable for being unfunny and having a very low risk of anything untoward happening. And I've signed up to watch sit through it twice.

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