Saturday, November 25, 2006


An Overdue update

Last time Iwas here I spoke of going to Southampton. That was over a week ago, and yet no updates.

Full gig reviews would be a bit excessive, and rather self-important & arrogant. Maybe an account of my night out would be more in keeping with the blog.

Mr Scruff's promise on his visuals of 'a prize-winning marrow of a bassline' were fulfilled - the bass was of a level where it threatened to make one's eyes bleed. Thank goodness for earplugs. Much dancing took place, and I may have been perilously close to a dance-off at one point

The CSS gig was fairly lively, and since they appear as default content on the Zune, I'm sure htey're destined for Very Big Things in the coming months - it'll be interesting to see how far up the the line-up they'll be for next summer's festivals. Support came from the Rodgers Sisters who I found a bit underwhelming, and the very pleasant 1990s who can be summarised thusly:
With the gig over, there was supposed to be a club night until 3am... but with only a half a dozen of us in the club, including the 1990s having a post-gig dance-and-poppers session. I asked the bassist about the prevalence of la-la-la's in his music and the drummer's involvement [look, it was after midnight and I'd had quite a few drinks]. But shortly after this, the club decided to call it a night.

But I wasn't ready to stop. Oh no.

I wanted another drink! Where can alcohol be found on a Thursday night after midnight? To the local chain bar! Now in York, Flares is a nice place when you're a student to stop off on your way to a club. I am reliably informed however that it's a no-go-zone for students in Southampton. I purchased whatever alcopop was on offer and started sipping. We wouldn't stay here long, we were definitely bringing the average customer age down by about 2 years.

A gentleman in a checked shirt approached us
"If anyone tries to fuck with you, I'll sort them out, alright?"
"Oh, um, thanks"
Down drinks, about turn, out of door, up street, brisk walk, don't turn round!

And thus concluded my night out in Southampton.

On my way home the following afternoon, it was raining buckets, and the train driver/guard/manager/whatever warned us to be careful because of "moisture in the vestibules brought on by alighting passengers" Why can't we just be told to look out for slippery puddles around the doors?
In a similar vein, Tesco very kindly label their carrots as 'Suitable for Vegetarians' Thanks for clearing that up.

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