Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Advertising is a source of fascination for me. A part of my job is supporting the marketing of the organisation I work for, so I'm always on the look-out for interesting ways people are promoting stuff.
I'm currently trying to find a suitable room in a house to move into. Or at least get a good idea of what's available. This involves scanning through adverts placed by individuals summoning all their marketing prowess to make their room sound attractive and be snapped up by a lovely new housemate.
Many sites offer the option to upload photos as part of the advert.
The idea is to give people an idea of what the room is like.
Make it appear attractive
Oh. Oh dear.

There certainly aren't going to be any accusations of over-selling this room, in West London. No siree.
The picture highlights all the exciting features of the room:
"House Amenities: Furnished, Share bath, Carpet, Closet"

In other news, it appears that the room I turned down a while back and was then quite relieved when it later became the scene of a shooting (or at least the road did) is once again available. From the description it sounds like it's the same room, so I'm wondering whether whichever person who took it two months ago is now high-tailing it out of there having seen London's gun-crime epidemic first-hand... unless they were the one "gunned down in a hail of bullets". Hmmm.

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