Sunday, October 15, 2006



"What is it?!"
"A, M, m, mmmouse! Aaaaarrrgh!"

And so it was that my mother suggested to the rest of the family that we might have a rodent problem.
Now clearly this is a situation that can't be allowed to continue, as mice defecate everywhere they go and are highly efficient in the production of more mice. Swift and decisive action is required if we are to avoid the destruction of our posessions and home.
When it comes to pest control, we're a family of pacifists. We'd rather not actually kill the furry little buggers.
We have a mouse trap, but it's a "humane" trap - it gently captures the offending creature, leaving you with the small matter of deciding what to do next. Usually, the mouse has been deposited up the road and left to fend for itself (and possibly finding its way back home)

We're now considering an ultrasonic deterrent to make life in our house generally unpleasant for creatures with better hearing than us. I remain to be convinced of the effectiveness, but only time will tell.
We never used to have mice - but since we stopped having neighbours with cats, we do spot the occasional furry intruder who has to be removed.

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