Thursday, October 05, 2006


Reading matter

Seeing what other people are reading on the train is on of my favourite commuting pastimes, I'm a nosy bugger and sometimes even read over peoples' shoulders. Look, if it's a free paper, no harm done, and if it happens to be an analysis of the terror threats to UK ports... well, I looked away pretty sharpish (what I did glean though was a) we're fairly scrwed and b) people who work in these departments are pretty bad at shielding their laptop screens. So no surprises there.

This morning, I had:
On my left, a gentleman reading a book in a curly script that went from right to left (deja vu, anyone?)
On my right, a guy reading 'QX' magazine, a gay clubbers' publication, with a picture I could quite frankly have done without at 9.35 in the morning. (I'm not homophobic, graphic depictions of heterosexual activity are a bit much at that time in the morning too)
I did wonder what might happen if the two men noticed each others' reading matter, and how I'd cope with being in the middle.

The man reading the non-English book was probably reading a gujarati/hindi/urdu novel judging by the cover rather than a Qu'ran - they tend not to have pictures of ladies on the front. And for all I know he might have been gearing up for G-A-Y at the weekend. Stereotyping is a terrible thing, and I'm guilty as charged. Who'll throw the first stone though?

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