Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Looks like... Smells like...

Most people are familiar with cat food. Pungent, and in a wides range of flavours, usually brown and glistening.

So if you were working in the marketing department of a major cat food manufacturer, why would you choose the following tagline:

As Good As It Looks

Really? That good? Because I'd rather not say what it looks like, and I definitely don't want to think about what it smells like.
And such odd flavours: Tuna. Chicken. Cod. Turkey. Salmon Have you ever seen a cat eating a chicken or swimming in the mediterranean fishing for a nice yellowfin? Maybe in the North Atlantic catching a cod, or diving into a Scottish loch.?

Funny how they never have 'Small squeaking mangled creature' flavour, or 'Frog rappé'? How about 'Day-old fledgling' or 'Disembowelled mouse'? Pack design would be interesting, but I suppose you could put it in 'gravy' or 'jelly' - but have you ever seen a cat with a gravy boat or tucking into a trifle?

Posting's been slow because I've been working on my new site. Head over to photo.beoko.com, and have a browse - and then come back here to give me feedback.

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