Monday, October 30, 2006


I've been away

Updates have been slow recently. Why Dave why? We miss reading about the inconsequential goings on in your life. What have you been up to?
It's great to have a vivid imagination and the occasional little voice in your head telling you that someone other than your mum reads your blog.

Well... I've been paying rather more attention to my proper website and uploading oodles of pictures to the gallery. They've been generally well-received, but I have some very nice friends who would be too polite to say different

I've been out on duty at the under 18's night again. One vomiter, one arrest for a breach of the peace, and assorted other maladies and attention-seekers, possibly resulting in a post later.

I became horribly drunk at the Big Chill House, which put me off alcohol for several days, but was a great chance to catch up with a friend and make some contacts - I wonder if I can declare my rounds as a business expense? I want to like the Big Chill House, but my two nights out there have been OK rather than stellar. Maybe it improves on repetition.

We're still trying to rid the house of mice, and now have plug-in devices which click periodically, and say they're emitting ultrasonic waves. It's ever-so-slightly Emperor's new clothes, but we've haven't heard the pitter-patter of tiny rodent feet, and there have been no more screaming incidents.

Went out
to see Mr Fatboy Slim, who played a storming 1-hour set of oldskool big beat, which was very well received indeed by the 100 assembled people. Disappointingly not everyone there was dancing, and it was a predoinantly male crowd, but hey-ho, I danced like a camp man on hot in roof and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I did spend rather too much time with a view dominated by a tall bloke in an orange Palookaville T-shirt.

I've been depressed by my ongoing failure to find clothes that fit. Even Uni-Qlo, who you one might have thought, catering as they do to the Japanese market, not known for being a nation of basket ball players might have some smaller sizes, but no joy "No, it only comes with a 34-inch leg" Once again, the apologetic sales assistant was a woman of perhaps 5 feet and 3 inches.

I am up to my neck in Christmas card orders, which is a bit of a one-man show at work - design selection & ordering, leaflet commisioning, mailing arrangements, payment processing and despatch are all not only my responsibility, but my job - the only thing I've not had to do is design the cards and colour them in (though it came close at one point)
If I can last to the end of the week though, by my reckoning I'm off my probationary period - woo-hoo!

So that's a birds-eye view of my life as it stands. A month or two back I was told that during Christmas 7am-7pm days become the norm, and I now see why. Not something I'm relishing. Anyway, go look at the gallery it's nice!

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