Sunday, September 10, 2006


The world is someone else's Oyster

Transport for London have a contactless smartcard scheme for tickets called Oyster. They're quite proud of it, and to force people to use it, they give reduced prices to people who use the plastic tickets instead of paper ones. There can't be many residents of London who don't have one.

Whe you buy said card, you have the option to register it. If you're a little bit paranoid like myself, you can opt out of this, and decide not to have your every journey across the capital tracked by the powers that be. If you lose your unregistered card though TfL don't want to know:

"The reason we are unable to block the card is because in order for us to cancel a card we need to first confirm the password which in turn verifies that it is the owner of the card requesting the cancellation. If your card is unregistered, you will not have a password and therefore we cannot verify if it is the owner of the card requesting the cancellation and we cannot block the card.
According to the points stated above, I am sorry to inform you that we cannot offer you any refund either for the money on your Oyster card. "

I only have the card number because I have the original receipt. So I can't get my money back, and I can't block the card. What I can do is watch as the £20 credit I had loaded on the damn thing is slowly but surely used up by person or persons unknown. Which is really riling.

So, Londoners! Register your Oystercard. It's not too difficult, and TfL will make you regret it if you don't.

This seems to be turning into a blog about lost property and public transport. Arguably this is still more interesting than the typical St. John duty

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