Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Compare and Contrast

Here in the UK, we seem to be quite good at coming up with new TV gameshows, and then selling them to the rest of the world. The Weakest Link. Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Pop Idol [American Idol]. Sold to the highest bidder and then adapted to fit the local market.

And the latest 'format' we've exported is Deal or No Deal, the bizarrely successful game of chance where contestants have to select bxes which may contain large or small cash prizes. Select a box though and you can't have that prize. Somewhere in the shadows lurks 'The Banker' who offers contestants a guaranteed sum (the deal) if they'll stop trying to get to the really big prizes.
Anyway. In the UK we have the show fronted by Noel Edmonds, a funny little bearded man whose career can best be described as 'having its ups and downs' [The ups being the biggest thing on Saturday night TV in the UK at one point, and the biggest low definitely being when someone died in a stupid stunt on a show he fronted] He also believes on cosmic ordering - wish for something enough, and it will come to you.

So, weirdy beardy:

And in the US... eh?

Bit of a raw deal for us, n'est pas?
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