Thursday, September 28, 2006



A few weeks ago I went in search of a new home. I found one which seemed nice - nice people, OK area, great transport links. But for some reason I decided not to go for it. Not sure why, kicked myself for it.

Then on the train home I noticed a story tucked in a 'news in brief' column of one of the free evening papers.
It's not on their website but this, essentially, is the text [from here]:

"A man was fighting for his life today after being repeatedly shot in north London.

Police say a man in his twenties was gunned down in a hail of bullets in Woodberry Grove, Finsbury Park, at around 8.45pm."

Er... that was exactly the road I was looking at which felt safe. Just shows you never can tell...
At the moment it's not hit any other news outlets, but I'm definitely going to think carefully before considering that area again.

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