Monday, August 14, 2006



The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed a little colourful box appearing on the left of this blog last week. The curious amongst you would have discovered that it's a pagecounter from the folks at Site Meter
I've put it there to spy on all your online activities and ultimately steal your identity get some idea of how many people, if any, are actually looking at my little corner of the interweb.
Not surprisingly, there's not many of you. I opted not to have a number counter, because a) it's tacky and b) it would make this site seem a bit pointless, with the site visits per day peaking at around three.

If you're wondering, I've had 12 visits this week, and it'll probably be less next week, now that I've set cookies on my home & work PCs so that they don't get included in the totals.
What is interesting is how much information your PC gives away when you visit a website. 57 % of you are using Firefox, and 43% Mozilla - we'll have no Microsoft monopolies here! You're all browsing in English, and are UK-based, no surprises there. The average visit time (or if you prefer, the amount of time people can bear to look at the blog is a distinctly underwhelming 13 seconds. I should probably work on that.

In other news, my RSS reader seems to have forgotten all my subscriptions. Although this issomewhat annoying, if I'm being perfectly honest i wasn't reading that many of them, so this is an excellent opportunity to have a spring clean - I'd recommend it to all you feedreaders out there [I think I just conined a new word there] - have a clearout and strip your subscribed feeds down to the two news feeds you actually read and the six blogs you actually care about.... and then start collecting new and exciting feeds to fill up the space

And 40% use windows ME, thats just worrying...
that would be me :P

Knowing your love of virals and such, you might like to subscribe to
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