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For those of you not already aware, Snakes On a Plane, aka SOAP is a film with a bit of a cult internet following. It's been generally acknowledged to be pretty dire, but for some reason that's part of its appeal. Wikipedia explains all.
To summarise, the plot as I understand it is as follows:

There are some snakes
On a plane
Samuel L Jackson is also on the plane
With some snakes
Who are on the plane
With Samuel L Jackson

So why have I brought this to your attention, gentle reader. I'm glad you asked.
I recently spotted SOAP being promoted on the side of a London bus, building anticipation for the August 18th release. The tagline, I felt, leaves somethign to be desired.
The official line is:

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright.

Hmm, not bad, I suppose. There is a light pun on the flight/fright thing, and good subversion of what sounds like an air travel phrase. But It's not got as much impact as I woudl hope for a film with such a following.
It is thus that I have decided to form my own movie taglines. To wit:

This summer, Fear is flying business class
Or how about
Check in for a scare
Legroom is the last thing you'll be worrying about
Or do we prefer
Meat, fish, vegetarian or snake?

Comments are open...

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