Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Apparently it's a quiet time of year for us, which is a bit worrying as I seem to be quite busy thankyouverymuch. I think part of the reason is that out of a department of 5 including myself, 3 are on leave or holiday at present, and the other remaining member of staff, my manager, is coming to the end of their contract, and focusing their energies more towards finding their next position. With other staff movements, or 'churn' to use the HR term, this leaves me with a bit of a middle management void opening up above me, and means I'm going to have to deal extensively with the chief exec to get things done. I wouldn't say there's an excessive number of people moving on/resigning, but if many more people seek pastures new, I woudn't be surprised if HR have to take on some extra staff...

In other news, I've been whoring myself as a potential flatmate to complete strangers via the excellent and free MoveFlat I say whoring, maybe selling myself would be more accurate, but it's definitely not an easy email to write: "I saw your advert, I'm great, please can I come and live with you?"
I asked people for some useful adjectives to describe myself. An ex-housemate suggested "friendly" and "tolerant" [thanks Steph!] to which I added "hygienic" Surely I'm on to a winner? I will of course keep you all posted.

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