Monday, August 21, 2006



Ater all that anticipation with Janmashtami and the Under 18's, I actually had quite a dull week of duties.
Wednesday at the festival was a steady trickle of minors, mostly straightforward insect stings.
Brief shift at the festival on sunday, then onto the under 18's. Quiet for ages and then we had a veritable swarm of inappropriately scantily-clad kids. Most depressing. But nobody vomited on my shoes, which is always nice. In fact not a single person vomited in my presence, which is highly unusual for an under 18's nightclub duty (or any nightclub duty.)
Turned out that after I left the festival on Sunday it all got a bit more 'interesting' with a couple of ambulance runs. I meanwhile was surrounded by girlies needing to be taken home... and a rather attractive lady nightclub manager. Sadly the black and white St. John uniform is not only antiquated, ill-fitting and unsuitable for dealing with bodily fluids, but deeply unsexy. Nevermind.

On a completely separate note, The Mighty Boosh is ace. I don't know why stores charge £19.99 for one series when others can sell the 2-disc boxset for £17.99. But then UK DVD & CD pricing is a mystery at the best of times...
What's your biggest shiny-disc price-discrepancy? Comments are open...

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