Sunday, July 02, 2006


Tempting fate

Turns out you can speak too soon. For up to 5,000 runners/walkers we had 10 casualties including one sent to hospital - and that doesn't include plasters given for blisters without paperwork (shhh, don't tell anyone)
I don't think the heat exactly helped us, I know it wasn't particularly fun bouncing through the park in a landrover at speed, but running 5k must have been awful, and not a particularly good idea if you didn't do much training (looking at some of the ladies, I think this may have been their first 5k attempt)
Bad karma goes to the water supplier who pulled out the day before, and so runners finishing the race in 31C heat only had a small carton of juice instead of the water they needed.
Weirdly, I'm now considering doing about 5k round the park later today, though I'm planning on waiting until the heat has subsided somewhat.
Woo homebrew HTML coding! Check my bad self!

Looks for evidence of your bad self. Finds only a pair of shoes, quietly smoking. Makes note not to call that particular fitter of gas and heating equipment again.
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