Monday, July 31, 2006


An oddly quiet night and formal announcement

After all the trepidation yesterday over the possibility of a busy night at the under 18's shindig, it was an oddly quiet evening. Only came into contact with four of the little dears, and only treated one. We didn't even have a drunk vomiter, when we would normally expect three or more.
We were babysitting two young ladies who were suspected of being intoxicated by club security, but weren't, though we were regaled with a fascinating full account of a 14-year-old's turbulent love life, for example:
"And he said to my boyfriend that I done all this stuff with boys but I didn't 'cos I never do nuffin and now he's probably going to break up with me"
I also learnt a new word "lipsing" which I think is mouth-to-mouth kissing, or what when I was young we would have referred to as snogging. Language is an ever-changing beast.

So, no drunks, but the police were making all the boys go through a metal detector, which is a new addition, but I can't decide if this is a positive attempt to ensure safety or a worryng new development.

As to the announcement, a few weeks after I signed my permanent contract, I have now been formally announced as a permanent employee to all exchange users and all sites emails. I'm not sure how I feel about having my photo, cropped from last week's team photo, in the message as an inline attachment, as my grin was particularly large and my beard particularly untidy, but I can think of worse images that my colleagues have access to that they could have circulated widely. I think I've had a luck escape.

Anyway, I should get to bed, I've got the office to myself tomorrow, and need to get various things done, possibly including some early morning powerpoint optimisation work, and a big fat stack of data entry work. Joys.

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