Sunday, July 30, 2006


Home Alone

I'm spending a very quiet Sunday @ home today whilst the rest of the family have gone out. No, I haven't finally fallen out with them irreconcilably (though that's a distinct possibility if I don't move out soon - I'll just put a foot wrong and overstep a line), but instead it's because I need to be at the always-classy local disco for the under-18's, which ranks as one of my favourite regular duties.
I think my favourite duty is probably the Hare Krishna's Janmashtami festival, which is coming up soon, so potential blog material there.
Anyhoo, I've occupied myself with doing as little as possible, apart from my big adventure for today, of trimming my beard. Well, when someone points out it's lopsided you shrug it off, but when two people mention it, they may have a point.
Having said that, one of them has also compared my appearance to James Blunt, despite my lack of dull singer-songwriter tendencies, and Mr Blunt's lack of beard. The upshot of all this is my facial hair is now a regimented 12mm on both sides, assuming I didn't miss any bits.

Other than these diversions, I've been busy annoying local high-ranking St. John officials with requests for information, trying to understand the data protection act, and supervising an incredibly efficient volunteer - when your unpaid help works rather faster than expected, you end up generating more work for yourself in the process of trying to keep them occupied, rather than easing your workload. Still, a lesson learnt, and I've loads of envelopes to stuff tomorrow, which should keep us both busy.

Until next time you stumble through my digital door having taken a wrong turning, Take care of yourselves... and don't trust men who wear hats indoors.

**Stop Press!**
I just did a spellcheck given some frankly awful typo's recently... and discovered Blogger's dictionary doesn't know the worf "blog". Bit of an oversight I feel.

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