Friday, June 30, 2006


Please sir, can I have some more work?

It seems like I report to everyone in the organisation at times. Today alongside my usual tasks, I had to assemble sets of promotional materials for people going to conferences (involving much humping about of cardboard boxes in hot weather) and run around putting together the pieces for a funding bid that my manager offloaded onto our boss at approximately half past seven the night before... with a deadline of Monday.
Finally I got everything we needed for the bid, after I'd pointed out the rather odd requirements regarding un-audited accounts. I set off to the Post Office clutching my precious package. I got it guaranteed to arrive by saturday afternoon for the monday deadline, and then started ambling homewards...

What then happened was a sequence of events worthy of Frank Spencer

Halfway between the station and post office I realised that I was supposed to take copies of the application form... Failure to do so would not ake me look good at all, particularly given that I need to re-apply for my job soon as the contract finishes in August

I sped back to the Post Office. 17.30: it hadn't gone yet.
I explained the situation and was told that it would be collected at 17.45. We extracted it, my money was refunded and I ran back to the office. Can I just say the people at Russell Square Post Office are absolute saints - if you're ever down that way needing a stamp, pop in and say hi...
Let myself back into our office, did the copying, re-packaged the application.
Ran back to the post office where I was beckoned to skip the queue, as the van driver was gathering sacks. The new sticker was attached, I handed the money over again, and Once more the package was on its way. Phew.

I have established a new Olympic event for 2012, the WC1 triathlon involving 2x300m sprints on concrete with a rapid photocopying session in between. To be executed in smart shoes and an impractical [for sprinting] jacket. The record currently stands at 13 minutes 45seconds...

Stepped out of the post office... pocket feels a little light... Ah. No wallet. Hadn't left it on the desk at the post office... which means it must be in the office... with my swipe card inside... Bugger.

Didn't have the number of anyne likely to be in the office... no-one around... had I really left it in the office? Could I survive the weekend without my bank cards? Thankfully when I was about to give up I met someone coming out, who let me in. So all sorted, but a lot of sweat and stress expended, and I don't even think we'll get the funding.

Only one duty this weekend, the local Race For Life which shouldn't be too stressful [famous last words], heat & blisters probably the main events needing our attention. Should be more comfortable now I finally have some non-winter uniform (no thanks to our supplies officer)

A post about trousers is brewing, stay tuned.

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