Friday, June 16, 2006



Our chief executive popped into the office a little while ago, asked how I was getting on... and then commented on my beard. It was a positive comment, and I explained it was a low-maintenance hobby. So, the moral of the story is, grow a beard and get noticed (that's a message for the ladies too - though you it may not be the kind of attention you were hoping for)

Later on I'll be heading over to Hatfield for the Herts uni summer ball. It's going to be a late one, but I'll be goign back to my St. John roots of picking up over-indulging students.
The line-up's fairly decent, better than anything we ever had at York (Hellooo? Liberty X? Booked because they were between record contracts? That's YUSU ents for you)
Best part has to be the website address:

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