Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Works in progress

Currently I have the following projects underway

I like to keep busy

Christmas cards! In May? Is that preparing this year's or filing last year's?

Good luck with the beard.
Filing cards? By mid-January mine are recycled!
No, this is christamas cards to sell to raise funds and also ones to send out from the chief exec. 'Tis the season apparently.
Cacti are nasty to repot, particularly the 'furry' looking ones that leave your hands filled with spines for ages afterwards. They also prove somewhat difficult to kill...
Yes, I've several cacti which have risen, zombie-like from the dead, including one I've written off as deceased no less than three times (possibly more) only for it to spring back with new shoots.
'Course, my chin now resembles a cactus, so I feel a certain affinity with them.
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