Tuesday, May 23, 2006



  1. Football fans are a funny bunch. For 30 seconds of watching a bus full of players they will spend an hour or more stood in the rain buying overproced flags, horns and t-shirts, and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Nevermind. I doubt Watford will be having another parade any time soon. They can't be promoted next season :P
  2. People can be incredibly rude without realising it. I know I look young. The right places to bring this up are when I attempt to buy alcohol or go for a job interview. In a work context it's irrelevant, and the next person who asks me and then responds to my answer with "Oh, you don't look it! You'll love it when you're 30!" will be asked in all innocence "How old are you?" See how they like it. If I get an answer, I will of course then have to say "Well you don't look it" And then walk off...
  3. Kebab_1 is possibly the most unattractive screen-name I have ever seen. Where did I see it? On a dating website. Eugh!

Yeah, I get the same thing re: age. Started a new job a couple of months ago, and someone thought I was a school leaver (I'm 28 years old!!!)

Two weeks later, went to get some tobacco from the shop - and got asked for ID!

Maybe the plus is, is that when I'm 50 I'll only look 25!
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