Thursday, May 11, 2006


Handing over the reins

I've spent a week now being inducted into the ways and little quirks of operating the charity's database, and from Monday I'm on my own. My prdecessor will be sent off with some style and a lot of alcohol tomorrow evening, and then will spend a happy week basking in glorious sunshine before jetting off to Romania to dig up dead people. Maybe I should be concerned she's picked this as a preferable option to doing the job that I am now?
I'm absolutely terrified that I'll forget something crucial and make the charity go bankrupt. Still, at least I'l know it wasn't intentional.
In my first week, I've got hideously drunk, spoken to the BBC & ITV, and been amazed at the size of some donations people will send to a charity they've never been in contact with before. (I can't say the exact amounts because of contractual agreements, but I can say that it would cover quite a few of my pay packets)

I think I'm going to like working here

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