Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Faces on the Train

As an official slave to the 9-5, I now make at least 10 train journeys a week. This brings me into contact with a random selection of other commuters, everything from sweaty through suited to sexy.
On the return leg of the journey [never seems to happen on the way in], I occasionally notice an attractive young lady in my vicinity. Naturally being young single & straight, I a) notice them and b) pay attention [NB I look, I don't touch] Now as with all British communal situations, everyone crammed into the carriage is trying to avoid eye contact. We're like that. But occasionally the lady I'm admiring from afar [or not so afar, probably the seat opposite] notices me looking at her.

She's seen me!

Quick look away, find the safety instructions fascinating or pretend to be trying to sleep. Hey look, North London whizzing past the window!

But there was a flicker of eye contact there. Maybe, just maybe, she was looking at me before I was looking at her...

Look back... no... Yes! she was definitely looking at me, and has now quickly looked away.

So, my question is this. Is there any chance that there is some kind of mutual interest there, ever? And how on earth do you start a conversation? Most irritatingly they often get off at my stop, so they're probably fairly local to me too - though they never seem to be in the town centre at the weekend. Odd that.
I do know someone who has successfully started conversations with complete strangers on public transport - but she didn't really want to.

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