Sunday, May 07, 2006


And so it begins...

I've been nearly fully accepted into my new job, with lots of meetings with the word 'induction' in the title, and more to follow. There was also talk of an 'initiation ceremony' in the pub on friday, which I'm hoping will be forgotten as details were not forthcoming.
All I can say is that I had a 'merry' time on friday night, and advise everyone that when you've caught the last train, it's a bad idea to sleep past your station.
Tequila aside, the place is really nice, and everyone's really welcoming. There is a theory about the optimum size of a community/tribe It's not without controversy, but based on how many people work for my new employer (about 150) it sounds right. It's personal, but not claustropohbic, unlike some organisations I've worked for with just 5 or 6 employees.

Apart from settling in at my new job, I'm keeping my hand in with theatre work (for the moment at least) and St. Johnning (v. To stand around looking like a fluorescent fool waiting for something to happen. See Also: Working for nothing, Activities that are inexplicably enjoyable & addictive) The 10k race last week was largely uneventful but involved excessive quantities of mud, though probably not as much as the motorcycle grass track event I'm going to next week.

The final bit of work I did as a volunteer for my last charity was to lend a hand at their major donor event last week. Useful experience, but it's a completely different world. Most of us are familiar with appeals to sponsor children in developing nations, endangered wildlife or threatened habitats for a few punds a month. These people were being invited to sponsor a PhD. student for a year at a cost of £20,00 a year. Like I said, a different world.

The downside of a full-time job is office hours. My natural body clock likes to go to sleep some time around 2 or 3am, and wake up between 9 & 10, becoming full productive around 11. Lunch then happens sometime between 2 & 4pm, and I down tools by about 7 or 8pm. Unfortunately the rest of the world does not operate like this so I'm re-training my body so I can be alert from 9.30 to 5.30 as DatabaseMonkeyDave. It's tough.

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